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Masonry/Brick Repair Specialists Masonry is very durable, but when it needs repaired the window of time for action is very short. If left unattended to, water infiltration will quickly create a problem that will cost serious money to rectify.

Don't Believe The Lie People ask all the time when we come to replace brick "will it be an exact match?" My answer is always the same. No. When a brick manufacturer makes brick they assign run numbers. A run number tells you when the brick were made. If your brick were not all made at the same time, they suggest not using them on the same wall, the difference will be noticeable. Even if it is new, the same kind of brick, and made only a few days apart. If anyone says other wise, we will hope they are ignorant of these facts.

The Key Quick Response. The sooner the better. At first, the repairs will be minimal and hard to notice, but once there is a large amount that needs replaced, there will be a noticeable and costly issue. Costly, not because the repair itself is costly, though it may be. Costly because the value of your building is largely effected by its appearance. Visit our repair page.

The Right Choice MRS provides a full range of services and practical solutions to your specific need. Whether your problem has gotten out of hand, or you just have a concern, we are the best choice. We, will go to bat for you and ensure that you have the best possible solution. Many well intentioned masons create bigger problems and make unsightly repairs because they are uninformed and have worked primarily with new masonry units. Let our experienced professionals provide you with all of your options and protect your investment.

Brick Repair: The Hard Facts

Effects of Water

Brick Repair Project On The Walkway.


More Than A Typical Brick Repair

This was not just a normal masonry repair. In this case, the masonry was a thin veneer and was ruined by water infiltration. It had caused so much damage that a 40' wall had to be demolished and reconstructed, in a very congested part of downtown Evansville IN..

Showcasing Our Talent With a combination of brick and stone we were able bring this historical building back to the era from which it came. This building looks Great! Increasing the curb appeal and integrity of this structure ensures the value of this structure for many years to come.

Protect your structure

Emge's Deli is locate at 206 Main st. Evansville In