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Brick Repair


Chimneys Can Be Dangerous

SPECIAL ATTENTION One thing is for sure. Chimneys are the most high maintenance part of any standard masonry project. We have been involved in masonry for over 30 years, and we have found that the most neglected and abused feature of a masonry building is the chimney.

DANGER Chimneys are very unique in the amount of danger that is involved in a chimney that has not been properly maintained. Chimneys often host carbon monoxide , it is a very dangerous gas because it has no odor or color. It is often present in a chimney that was not designed for this gas. Your chimney's deterioration makes this a very serious issue.

CREOSOTE If you have a chimney that has a traditional fireplace or wood stove, chimney maintenance and cleaning is a must. Creosote will build up and cause your chimney to burn so hot that the masonry structure you are trusting will fail. This is fairly inexpensive to maintain.

OTHER ISSUES Other potential issues are: water entering through your chimney and causing other materials to rot, mold, or in severe cases brick and even the chimney itself can fall, causing damage to your property and danger to your loved ones.

. Chimney Concerns

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