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Light Commercial

We are a practical and straight forward company, who has the knowledge to meet your specific need. We have been doing light commercial work new construction and renovations in the Tri State for two decades. Although over the past several years we have changed gears to a masonry restoration and renovation company, we welcome small commercial buildings. CALL US today for quality references and experience what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Brick Repair Project On The Walkway.


More Than A Typical Brick Repair

This was not just a normal masonry repair or face lift. In this case it had the masonry was thin veneer and was ruined by water infiltration. It warranted that a 40' wall had to be demolished and reconstructed in a very congested area in downtown Evansville, IN.

Showcasing Our Talent With a combination of brick and stone we were able bring this historical building back to the era from which it came. This building looks Great! Increasing the curb appeal, and integrity of this structure ensures the value of this structure for many years to come.

Protect your structure

Emge's Deli is locate at 206 Main st. Evansville In