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THE CLOCK IS TICKING When masonry is cracked or missing mortar there is no time to waste. Masonry is very durable unless water can penetrate the hard exterior face. At that point, it begins to cause the break down the masonry units themselves.

IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A BIG DEAL At first it may not look like much, but damage is going on where you can't see, and by the time it is an eye sore it will be hard to maintain the value of your structure without becoming very expensive.

AND THE PROBLEMS ARE? There are many other issues with leaving the problem unresolved, for instance the material behind your masonry will also have moisture causing rot and material failure.

Often the damaged masonry plays a role in the structural integrity of your home, the more damage that occurs the more likely the repair will be an eye sore. Getting an exact match on brick is next to impossible and the more you need to replace the worse it will look.

WHY NOT JUST ANY MASON Most masons do very little repair work unless they are in a lull. Because of this, though they may be well intentioned, they are not aware of the options or proper procedures. The great amount of time we have spent in restoration insures our customers will have the best possible solutions and protect their investments. Give us a call or contact us so we can evaluate your specific need. It's free.

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