Masonry Repair and Tuckpointing Specialists


Masonry repair and tuckpointing is what we do best!

     Masonry repair and tuckpointing is our specialty. However, whether you are doing repairs or new construction Midwest is the right choice for your specific need. We are a family owned and operated business with 3 generations of experience. The main focus of our company in the last 2 decades has been masonry restoration. Our experience allows us to identify the source of the problem and not just focus on appearance. It is our policy never to address the appearance issues until we determine the source of the problem. This is why our masonry repair estimates are always accurate. Above all, we pride ourselves on repairs that protect the structure’s value and integrity in a cost effective way. Often times the source of the problem is not related to your masonry. 

Masonry, Repair, Tuckpointing, Chimney, Foundation, Evansville Indiana

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

   Our commitment to excellence, vast experience and unlimited resources, makes us confident we offer the best service in Tri-State. Regardless if the need is restoration, repair or tuckpointing, our customers come first.  Masonry is beautiful but once it is in need of repairs it becomes unattractive and breaks down quickly. This will cause the beauty, integrity and even the value of your structure to decline rapidly. We provide our customers with a quick response and a free/accurate estimate.  We are committed to only employ people who are punctual, competent, polite and share our company’s values. The customers we serve all say the same thing. Because of that we are currently 5 stars on Google, The BBB, and Facebook. Our commitment to being the best is paying off! Please take your time, do your homework and we are confident you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

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