Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair Issues

It only gets worse

   Chimney Repair: You need to act now.  Because once your chimney is compromised through: spalling brick, cracked masonry, or missing mortar joints, water infiltration will take place.  After that your masonry units rapidly begin to break down. In addition water will migrate to framing, insulation, electric and drywall. In conclusion this will result in expensive repairs and a loss of your structures integrity. We will access your situation and we will provide practical solution to get things done. 

Chimney Repair and Restoration

Get A Professional Involved

    Masonry Restoration is an art. Many Masons work with new construction but have little to no experience matching colors, brick types, or understand  how water effects masonry.  We do masonry the right way! 

What To Look For

Historic Chimney Repair Is Different

Repairing chimneys is always a challenge. For instance searching for a matching brick, or setting up scaffolding is always difficult. Similarly repairing historic chimneys is even more challenging. Since the brick and mortar that were used are completely different than modern units. Firstly mortar was made without cement in it. Secondly brick were hand made, they were much softer and more porous. Lastly construction practices were different. Therefore masons need more than just experience in chimney repair. In conclusion, if your chimney was built before 1940 you will need someone with historic masonry experience as well. Failure to find the correct masonry contractor could result in unsightly repairs and actually damage your structure. 

Masonry Restoration and Repair is What We Do Customer Satisfaction Is Who We Are

We restore masonry the right way, and always put our customer first. This is seen in everything we do. We will diligently provide quick and accurate estimates. We continue strive to stay on schedule and keep are word. Communication with our customers is a huge priority. We will continue stand behind our work.  In conclusion, our customers are boasting about our relationship with them, craftsmanship, and dependability. This reflects our commitment to excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are very proud to be given 5 stars on Google, The BBB and Facebook. Take the time to review what our customers are saying about us and compare us to our competitors. Once you do your homework, we are certain you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

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