Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair:

With Foundation Repairs you can not afford to wait! When attacking foundation issues, often only the cosmetic and superficial problems are addressed. But let me remind you there is always an underlying issue! As a result, identifying the source of the problem is #1 in foundation repair. Most often the real issue is water, I.E. (hydro-static pressure). Therefore making a informed evaluation is critical. Getting a masonry contractor with foundation repair experience to identify the cause is critical. If not we know things will get worse! With that in mind repairing foundations early will spare you costly repairs.  

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Historic Foundation Repair is different 

Historic construction is a different subject  all together. For instance materials were much heavier and there are no concrete footings. Materials were also much softer and porous. Therefore they need to be maintained by a professional that understands both the product and construction.

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Masonry restoration and repair come second nature to us, which is reflected in  our customer reviews. Because of this, the thing that most pleases us is when our customers are saying good things. For instance they always boast about our relationship with them, craftsmanship, and dependability. This reflects our commitment to excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are very proud to be given 5 stars on Google, The BBB and Facebook. Take the time to review what our customers are saying about us. Once you do your homework, we are certain you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

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