Lintel Failure demands Action

Why is Lintel Repair so important? Lintel failure is common but it only the beginning of many costly repairs if not addressed quickly. Once a lintel fails it begins to sag and lift. Why is that a threat? Sagging lintels will not support the bricks above and create a path for water to penetrate your buildings shell. Once water infiltrates it will cause drywall or plaster to fail, wood to rot and insulation to mold. When irons heave or lift, they will damage masonry units and allow water to enter each unit and cause rapid break down. 

Make sure you find a qualified professional to handle your project. 

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Lintel Repair Demands A pro

Lintel Repair is a delicate thing. Mortar and Brick have changed drastically in the last 100 years. The way a contractor approaches each job is a big deal. Not only can a repair be an eye sore but it can also further damage your units and devalue your structure. Do your homework and call a Masonry Contractor who is a proven Masonry Restoration Contractor.


Lintel Repair Or Repointing?

There is often an opportunity to repoint around a lintel when failure first begins. But as time goes on Lintel Replacement becomes the only option. 

Will Caulking Help?

    If water infiltration around openings is the issue, caulking is a possible solution. In both cases it is important to get the right pro involved. Not just any masonry contractor will do. Some contractors focus on new construction. Masonry repair and restoration is different for many reasons. 

Caulking and Repointing Historic Masonry



Repairing and Restoring Masonry comes natural to us, which is reflected in  our customer reviews. Our passion is restoring and maintaining Historical Masonry and Masonry in general. Our work speaks for itself. We have done large Historical Repointing projects as well as small projects all over the Tri-State. But the thing that is most important to us is customer satisfaction. Our customers consistently talk about our relationship with them, craftsmanship and our dependability. This reflects our commitment to excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction and our work performance. We are very proud to be given 5 stars on Google, The BBB and Facebook. Take the time to review what our customers are saying about us. Once you do your homework, we are certain you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

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