Family Owned

Our Mission

   To lead the way in masonry restoration and repair by  providing a professional and experienced service. Demonstrated through: craftsmanship, honoring commitments, building permanent relationships with clients, and managing a team of like minded employees.

Masonry Restoration and Repair

Masonry Restoration and Repair Specialists

   As masonry restoration and repair specialist we bring something very unique to the Tri-State. For more than 2 decades we have aggressively focused on masonry restoration. Providing our customers with assurance that we will bring the most practical and permanent solutions to their specific masonry need. Our commitment to accurate estimates and customer service in a way that has marked us a stand out Masonry Contractor in the area.

Our Reputation in Repair and Restoration

 We are very proud to be a family owned masonry restoration and repair company and take great pride in maintaining a five star review on Google, The Better Business Bureau and Facebook. Take time to preview our history in masonry repair and construction and compare it to our competitors. Take a look at the link below to our Google reviews. We look forward to your call and are confident that given the opportunity you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

Our Policy on customer involvement

Client participation is encouraged throughout each and every step in the process. Our number one goal is to build lasting relationships with a strong reputation in the masonry restoration industry. Our experience, belief in open communication, and high quality standards helps us to guide clients through each phase of each masonry repair or construction process.

Masonry Restoration and Repair

Tim Konrath has been in the Masonry field for 37 years and is not only capable but committed to serving the Tri State with the most practical and permanent solutions to each masonry need. 

Masonry Restoration and Repair

Tony Konrath With 16 yrs in Masonry Tony is more than capable to handle each and every project. He also shares in our commitment to customer satisfaction and possesses great leadership skills. 

Masonry Restoration and Repair

Mike Konrath shares our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. His skills are wide ranging and his ability to lead and direct a team is outstanding. 

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