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Masonry Sealing and Tuckpointing
  • Penetrates for long-lasting protection on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Service life is estimated at more than 10 years.
  • Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.
  • Water-based formula minimizes explosion and fire hazards compared to solvent-based water repellents.
  • Appropriate for use on manufactured stone surfaces.
  • Easy cleanup with Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner.
  • Low odor for safer application to occupied buildings.
  • Alkaline stable – suitable for new “green” concrete, 14–28 days old.

Masonry Sealing and Restoration

Restoring Historic Masonry is a delicate thing. Mortar and Brick have changed drastically in the last 100 years. The way a contractor approaches each job is a big deal. Older masonry is designed to breath, and because of that, sealer often does more harm than good. On the other hand not sealing in cases where a lot of water passes over or sits on the masonry can be even worse. Knowing when to apply masonry sealer is key to the long term success of your masonry sealing or restoration project. Do your homework and call a Masonry Contractor who is a proven Masonry Restoration Contractor.

Masonry sealing, Restoration and Repair is What We Do.

Customer Satisfaction Is Who We Are.

Masonry sealing, restoration and repair come second nature to us, which is reflected in  our customer reviews. But the thing that most pleases our customers is the way we include them and educate them through the process. Our craftsmanship, and our dependability is something else they take note of. Our commitment to excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction is being noticed. We are very proud to be given 5 stars on Google, The BBB and Facebook. Take the time to review what our customers are saying about us. Once you do your homework, we are certain you will be our next 5 star review. Contact Us

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