Restoration is a specialty

What Makes Us Different

Restoration is a specialty. Because we have been doing masonry restoration for 2 decades we are different. We have effectively repaired just about everything there is to do in masonry restoration and repair. Our competitors on the other hand mainly work with new construction and do not have the experience to know the difference in mortar or brick types. This allows us to make good determinations which deal with the underlying problems and provide cost effective and permanent solutions. This is also a large factor in why our estimates and scheduling are so accurate. We will put our knowledge and years of experience  to work for you so that you will join our customers in what they are saying. 


Historic Masonry Restoration Is Different

Historic masonry is typically much more porous, this makes it a different animal. Restoring historic masonry is more sensitive than other forms of masonry. It takes a lot more moisture in but it also is able to release the moisture. Many masons think that the best option is to seal historic masonry. This is actually not something you want to do. Getting the right professional involved can make all of the difference in the world. Take your time and review the experience of your contractor before you pull a trigger.

What Our Customers Are Saying

 It makes sense for people with masonry restoration needs to come to us for masonry restoration tips. Our commitment is to help in any way we can, customer or not. Although we are confident in ourselves and know our track record, we are also very proud of what people are saying. Currently we are a 5 star company on Google, The BBB  and Facebook. Take the time and look at our reviews. Almost all of these are masonry restoration projects. That is why you can be confident you have come to the right place for masonry restoration tips or for our services. We look forward to you being our next 5 star review. Contact UsContact

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