Understanding Historic and Newer Masonry

Understanding historic and newer masonry is important!  With so many different variables being involved in masonry it takes a restoration expert to understand exactly what needs to happen. Historic masonry needs specific remedies that are not the same as newer construction. Older mortar and brick are much softer and need compatible material so that it does not suffer further damages. Newer brick and mortar when damaged have multiple different causes for failure. How it is addressed will determine whether more damage occurs or not. 

Maintaining the Value of Your Structure

You want to stop the potential for serious and costly repairs. But the longer you wait to address the problem your repairs become aesthetically unattractive. This obviously will cause your property value to decline. With that in mind a masonry restoration specialist understand how to preserve not only the integrity of your home but how to make the repairs discreet. This will maintain your structure’s value. Again understanding historic and newer masonry makes all the difference.   

Stopping Water Infiltration

Cracks, spalling brick and mortar deterioration permit water to pass through your structure’s protective barrier. If water infiltration is left unchecked it will cause rapid deterioration, spalling and separation.  It also leaves the possibility of mold, drywall, or plaster damage. Many of those repairs are quite costly. Getting professional help will ensure the problem is corrected in the most practical, attractive and permanent manner.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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