Cracks and Missing Mortar Will Invite Water In

Water is your masonry’s enemy but WHY? Cracks and missing mortar will allow water to infiltrate your masonry and saturate your wall units. Water when it sits on or in masonry will cause rapid deterioration, it accelerates in winter do to freezing and thawing. There are many different things that can help to remediate this. In some cases only minimal repointing or sealing could be the solution. In other cases more aggressive action needs to be taken. Regardless one thing is for sure not repairing the problem will cause the problem to get worse.

Gutters, Downspouts and Grade Is First

One thing is most important; Get the water off of your masonry and keep it off. The first thing I do every time I look at damaged masonry is try to determine what started the problem. Is it bad grade that is causing water to back up to the house and wick into the brick? Is it gutters that allow water to spill on the brick or footing? Downspouts that don’t run away from the house correctly? Settling that allowed cracks to form and water to wick into the wall? So many other reasons could start the trouble but until we get that resolved there is no point in doing the cosmetic repairs.  

Chimney Crowns and Spalling Brick

Cracks, spalling brick and mortar deterioration permit water to pass through your structures protective barrier. If water infiltration is left unchecked it will cause rapid deterioration, spalling and separation.  Chimney crowns also need maintained and are the most common cause for chimney brick failure. As with all masonry repairs it needs attention quickly. If unattended it also leaves the possibility of mold, drywall, or plaster damage. Many of those repairs are quite costly. Getting professional help will ensure the problem is corrected in the most practical, attractive and permanent manner. 

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